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Mostni 73, 280 02 Kolin
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 311 230 745


Thanks to the supply of goods to our clients that we have ever carried out, we cooperate with several international partners in the field of transport and thanks to the total volume of goods we are able to offer international services under very favorable conditions.
We are ready to deliver your goods anywhere you say.

We have a choice between three options:

Ship transportation:
Cheapest but time consuming solution for transport between continents.
From Asia to the Czech Republic – 30 to 45 days.

Air transport:
Suitable for transportation of samples and the urgent delivery of goods or less bulky shipments with higher purchase value.
From Asia to the Czech Republic – 5-7 days.

Combined Shipping:
Provides a compromise between transport ship and air both time and money.
Part of the route travels through consignment ship, part of the air.
From Asia to the Czech Republic – 15-25 days.

We provide logistics services worldwide. Best place during the season, thanks to the booked space in the aircraft.
We offer our customers shipping around the world on all continents.