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Nowadays import of materials, goods or commodities is for companies a very widespread way not  only for reduction of production costs but also for distribution of products which are not worth to be produced or purchased on the home market.

Use our company as a stable partner in issues of international trade.

How do we proceed?

Immediately after processing of all important information about requested product, the trade analysis follows. Our specialists will choose the country which is the most suitable for the production or the purchase.

Then we ask many producers from different localities and on the basis of quotations, qualifications and your requests, we choose the most suitable one whose unbinding quotation we will present to you for free.

If our offer will be interesting for you and you will decide to cooperate with us, we will provide the following services for you:

getting a sample from one or more producers

detailed preparation, planning and provision of production

start of production with a possibility of audit and continuous control of production

provision of necessary certifications for legal sale in EU

complete international sea or air transport

procurance of clearance

internal transport right into your warehouse


We deal directly with producers in given countries and all information is distributed directly to our clients.

Our team of qualified workers is able to provide you with interesting offers and solutions from all fields of industry.

Are you interested in our services? Would you like to ask about possible cooperation?

Do not hesitate to contact us!