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Custom production in Asia

Made to order production in Asia, mostly in China, Tchaj-wan and other areas is nowadays a very required service, which can effectively save the costs by production and increase profit by the purchase itself or by further use of manufactured products.

Our company provides complete assistance by production.

Use our company as a stable partner in solving of goods production on Asian continent!

The biggest advantage of this service is not only the above mentioned savings but also use of high quality and cheap labour. We are able to offer you production of your products using the most modern technologies which are offered by the Asian trade.

Brief overview of our procedure by realization of an order and direct production:

  • Inquiry of producers in Asian countries – China, Tchaj-wan, India, etc.
  • Detailed choice of the producer according to the request, locality and fulfilled requirements
  • Offer from potential producers
  • Arrangement with our client, provision of samples, audit of production
  • Approval of samples, choosing of a sample, visit of the producer, final check
  • Payment of 30% deposit from the whole price
  • Start of production
  • Continuous control of production, visit of the producer
  • Completion of production – check of production
  • Quality, packing and loading control
  • Payment of the rest of price – 70%
  • Sending of goods via plane, ship
  • Customs declaration, check by disembarkment
  • Delivery into your warehouse